Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! Brewristas are the Bomb, Bru!

June 2014: Who knew making perfect coffee was so complicated, Bru?

The Brewristas do, which is why you’re likely to have the most amazing caffeine-related experience of your life when the Man with the Coffee Grinder Plan gets his hands on you at Protea Hotel Fire & Ice!

It’s like a brewgasm, bru. And it works equally well for dudes and dudettes; in fact anyone who wants to the heavenly experience of their cuppa joe practically standing up and singing an aria in their mouths.
So what exactly is a Brewrista?

He’s the man at Protea Fire & Ice! who has elevated the art of crafting Americanos, espresso, cappuccino and lattes to such heights of perfection that he’s no longer just a barista – he’s a Brewrista in a whole new class of his own.
You can identify the Brewristas at Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! by the fact that they very helpfully have the word “brewrista” sewn onto their uniforms.

If it ain’t a Brewrista, it ain’t real coffee!
But if you think you can do better on your own, go right ahead.
The Brewristas are even prepared to tell you how to make the perfect cappuccino, because besides being brew masters, they’re also really nice guys.

So here’s how you do it:
Rule #1: Grind coffee beans, for freshness of each and every cup.
Rule #2: These beans must be the finest. The Brewristas use Lavazza Super Crema whole beans.
Rule #3: Run the espresso machine for no more than 30 seconds – otherwise your coffee will taste burnt.
Rule #4: Froth your milk (full-cream for best results) at the top of the jug to create bubbles then move the nozzle down a centimetre into the milk to kill the bubbles.
Rule #5: Pour one part milk and two parts froth into the espresso shot, sprinkle cocoa powder or ground chocolate on top and make a funky pattern. The Brewristas themselves are partial to intricate leaves, multi-layered hearts – even smiling teddy bears and hound dawgs on creative days!

So go on, Bru, try to make it at home. And when you take that first mouthful and your tongue launches a one mouth rebellion against you, take it for a ride to Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! and let the Brewristas do it right. Unlike most other things in life, it’s a guaranteed brewgasm every single time.



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