Get Your Breakfast on Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! Style with Clucking Good Eggsperts

May 2014: Salvador Dali was obsessed with them, they inspired Fabergé to create some of the most expensive objet d’art in the world and even Lady Gaga was gaga enough about them to arrive at the 2011 Grammy Awards encased in one.

But until you’ve put yourself in the hands of one of the new Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! Eggsperts, you don’t know what a truly magic free-range breakfast egg-sperience is all about.

Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! is the hotel brand that has perfected the brand essence elements of the group being the art of beds (king size ultra-comfortable beds), pillows (fluffy pillows and quality linen), coffee and Wi-Fi (complimentary Wi-Fi to both GUESTS who socialize in our public areas and those that stay with us). So it was only logical to take that next step and perfect the hotel breakfast – but in a way true to the quirky form of this lifestyle brand –by introducing the Egg Man with a Plan, says Danny Bryer, Director of Sales, Marketing and Revenue for Protea Hotels.

So what is an Eggspert? It’s like an egg ninja or egg whisperer – only better. It’s the person standing behind the breakfast grill at Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! who can draw a spatula faster than John Wayne and knows more ways to cook eggs than Chuck Norris has karate kicks. The Eggspert has the mammoth task of flipping, mixing and boiling over 300 eggs every morning during breakfast service with ninja hands flying, still deliver best GUEST service.

The Eggsperts have collectively agreed to share the knowledge they swore they would take to their graves with Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! GUESTS, like how to test if an egg is fresh, and the little-known fact that hens don’t like to lay eggs in the dark. Or how about the startling fact that scrambled eggs have more calories than fried?

The edgy, urban Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! has always done things a little differently – from shark cage lifts to 2m tall silver wingback chairs. But the new Eggsperts, who will be introduced this month, are definitely the icing on the coolness cake, says Bryer.

The Eggsperts, who’ll be identified by their crisp red piped, white uniforms (with the word Eggspert helpfully written on the front), will be on hand during each breakfast service to provide omelettes as fluffy as little clouds and eggs poached to perfection.

The only question they probably won’t be able to answer, though, is the question that has plagued humankind since the beginning of time – what came first, the chicken or the egg?
Not that it matters anyway, if your fried eggs are so perfect that you crave an omelette for dessert!



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