Protea Hotel Transit O.R. Tambo Airport

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T his hotel, situated behind Immigrations inside International Departures at OR Tambo International Airport, offers a welcome opportunity to work or rest for transient travellers between international flights

This transit hotel, conveniently offering day use and overnight rooms, provides international travellers with accommodation between flights. Accommodation comprises 87 standard and superior bedrooms, all individually air conditioned, and each room is equipped with the amenities to suit international travellers in transit, along with duty-free stores, restaurants and shops in close proximity.

And while you enjoy airport accommodation between flights, there is no clearing customs and immigrations again as you are safely and securely housed within the international terminal at OR Tambo International Airport. This means that no South African visa is required, even for an overnight stay, saving you time and money.

Checking in is quick and easy, thanks to our friendly and efficient staff, and guests are treated to impressive rooms offering a clean and modern décor. Refresh and unwind in a safe, well sound-insulated room and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you’ll always make your flight as passengers on delayed flights are accommodated at Protea Hotel Transit OR Tambo Airport, and all of this is available at exceptional rates. So whether you just need a refreshing shower or a comfortable place to work between flights, Protea Hotel Transit OR Tambo Airport is the perfect choice for you.


Accommodation comprises 87 standard and superior bedrooms, all air-conditioned. Each room is equipped with the amenities to suit international travellers in transit. The perfect hotel if all you need is a fresh bed, a refreshing shower, or to relax before boarding your next long flight.


​Terminal A, OR Tambo International Airport, Gauteng
T: +27 (11) 390 1160
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The Rooms

luxury rooms

Our modernised bedrooms ensures that you relax in comfort and style, each promising a rejuvenating experience.

  • Standard
  • Superior
Several room types available
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Each room is equipped with the amenities to suit international travellers in transit. 39 rooms, with either 2 Singles or 1 Double bed.​

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Each room is equipped with the amenities to suit international travellers in transit. 48 rooms with lounge area, with either 2 Singles or 1 Double bed.​



Map and Directions

As you exit off the plane, whilst walking down the passage, head toward ths signs for "International Transfers".
Do not clear customs/passport control nor collect your luggage - Follow the signs toward "International Transfers".
This will lead you to the transfer lounge where you will pass through security
Proceed through security, walk straight and on the same level, you will find Protea Hotel Transit O.R. Tambo Airport.
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Hotel Benefits

The benefits of using an in transit hotel:

  • GUESTS are not required to have a visa when staying with us, therefore saving you the cost and hassle of applying for a South African visa.

  • GUESTS save time by not having to clear customs or immigrations.

  • The Hotel is situated behind immigrations, inside the international departures area of the O.R.Tambo International Airport. Offering a warm welcome to in-transit and delayed flights passengers, and is short a walk from the boarding gates.

  • The hotel is located within the Duty free mall in the airport, which provides a wide selection of fashion and beauty outlets, electronics stores and gift shops.

  • For GUEST convenience, the Hotel offers shower use rooms, day use rooms and overnight rooms.

Access to the Hotel

Please Note:

  • Passengers should Not collect their luggage after landing at O.R. Tambo International Airport

  • Passengers should Not clear customs or immigrations but rather follow the signage towards International Transfers

  • The Hotel is not available to domestic GUESTS

  • A Visa is not required since the hotel is situated inside the international terminal

  • All GUESTS must be flying from one international destination to another


Q: Where is the Hotel Situated?

A: At the Duty free Mall in International Departures (behind immigrations)

Q: Do I need a South African visa to stay with the Protea Hotel Transit?

A: No – the Hotel is within the International Terminal

Q: Should I collect my luggage when I stay in Transit?

A: No, as soon as you collect your luggage you will be made to clear customs and will not be allowed into Transit for security reasons. You are allowed to bring your hand luggage in to the Hotel. Specific amenities are available to GUESTS who may not have their overnight luggage whilst in Transit.

Q: What happens to my luggage when I stay at your hotel?

A: When checking in at the destination you are departing from, you can request your airline to check your luggage in to your final destination. Upon arrival at O.R. Tambo International, you would go directly to the Hotel with your hand luggage. Your luggage will go straight through to your final destination, to be collected after landing as usual.

Q: Is this hotel suitable for Domestic GUESTS?

A: No, unfortunately we cater exclusively for transient travelers between international flights.

Q: Is there a Restaurant available?

A: The hotel does not have a restaurant on-site, however there are 3 restaurants within close proximity of the hotel serving various cuisines..





Protea Hotel Transit O.R Tambo Airport now offers 6 hour & 12-24 hour rates which are bookable online for your convenience.

For stays more than 6 and less than 12 hours, please contact the hotel directly to book the additional hours. Below are the hourly rates:

Telephone Number: +27 11 390 1160

Email Address:

Protea Hotel Transit BAR Day Use Rates 2014
Hours Rate Single STD Room Rate Double STD Room Rate Single SUP Room Rate Double SUP Room
6 Hours R 1 188 R 1 404 R 1 188 R 1 404
7 Hours R 1 350 R 1 566 R 1 350 R 1 566
8 Hours R 1 512 R 1 728 R 1 512 R 1 728
9 Hours R 1 674 R 1 890 R 1 674 R 1 890
10 Hours R 1 836 R 2 052 R 1 836 R 2 052
11 Hours R 1 998 R 2 214 R 1 998 R 2 214

Book a hotel
0861 11 9000 Intl: +27 21 430 5300
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