Protea Hotels Give Free Rooms Away to Loyal Valentines!

The year was 1961. Your eyes met across the dance floor as Chuck Berry was belting out how you were going to twist again like you did last summer. Her skirt was flying about as widely as her grin as she twirled, and you knew in that moment that she was going to be your wife.
If after the leisurely courting she’s still your beloved bride after 50 years and you want to spoil her for Valentine’s Day, then Protea Hotels is offering you’re the opportunity to spend the most romantic night of the year with us for free – consider it our second honeymoon gift to the living proof that true love does indeed conquer all!
But if you haven’t spent 50 years with your true love, our hotel GMs have some great advice on how to make sure the lady (or man!) in your life will still be around when that half-century anniversary eventually rolls around…and some tips on what NOT to do if you want to make it to that milestone!
Top of the list of Do’s for Valentine’s Day are:
    ◦If you’re taking your other half for a romantic night away, ask the hotel for a romantic turndown and chilled sparkling wine in the room. If bubbly doesn’t float your boat, get cheeky with welcome milkshakes (nice in most hotels, but both naughty and nice at Protea Hotel Fire & Ice!)
    ◦Book a couple’s massage to put you in the mood for a relaxed romantic night.
    ◦You don’t have to say it with roses, which will probably cost the equivalent of a black market kidney on February 14! Ask the hotel to bake cupcakes iced with personal notes only the two of you will understand.
    ◦Candles around a bubble bath are always a gorgeous touch, but place them with care; setting fire to the towels or bathmat is likely to make for a much more exciting evening than you could ever have imagined.
    ◦If you’re not into schmaltzy teddy bears or hearts as gifts, print a book of couples “vouchers” that your other half can redeem throughout the year.
    ◦Bite the bullet and include things like a night at the opera if your other half is a buff – even if it makes your hair stand on end – and some vouchers with activities that you both love. But you’ll have banked months of goodwill if you throw in a few for doing the Sunday dishes, or ironing a blouse once a week. And then actually follow through!
    ◦Think back to the first movie you watched together, then ask your hotel to have it ready to play in your room after dinner, along with fresh popcorn for a movie date night of the most intimate and memorable kind.
    ◦Write your partner a letter describing all the things you love about being a couple, tie a red ribbon around it and have the hotel place the letter on the bed while you’re out for dinner.
    ◦Don’t even think about turning on the sports channels if you want to survive the night without police intervention.
    ◦And finally, don’t forget why you’re spending the evening together – not for gifts, oysters or flowers, but to remember that 50-year anniversaries are possible if you take time out together as a couple to remember why you fell in love in the first place.
If you are one of these lucky few who have been married for 50 years or more, then visit to select you free room for your romantic night away.

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