Walvis BayNamibia

T he special attraction of Walvis Bay is the huge natural lagoon with its overwhelming abundance of seabirds.

​120 000 birds were recently counted in the lagoon, innumerable flamingoes and pelicans among them. Every year they are joined by 200 000 migratory birds.

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  • Protea Hotel Walvis Bay
  • Protea Hotel Pelican Bay
  • Protea Hotel Long Beach Lodge
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Protea Hotel Walvis Bay

Set in a landscape of remarkable juxtaposition, where ancient deserts give way to sparkling oceans and rich wetland expanses, Walvis Bay is one of Nambia’s most popular destinations.

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Protea Hotel Pelican Bay

With uninterrupted views of the Walvis Bay Lagoon, where dolphins are often spotted playing in the water, the hotel has comfortable en-suite rooms, a restaurant, bar and coffee shop, secure parking and conference facilities.

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Protea Hotel Long Beach Lodge

The hotel has a bar, terrace, coffee shop and a cold, outdoor swimming pool, ideal for guests looking for a place to relax and unwind. An airport shuttle service is also available at the hotel at an extra charge.

The hotel is bookable exclusively for GUESTS in/during international transit and is not accessible to domestic travellers.
6 hour and 12-24 hour rates are bookable online.
For stays more than 6 and less than 12 hours,please contact the hotel directly to book the additional hours.

Please include your check in and check out times in the comments section of your reservation enquiries.

Telephone Number: +27113901160
Email: room@proteahoteltransit.co.za


Walvis Bay

Walvis Bay Namibia

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​"Dune 7" at the outskirts of town is the highest sand dune in the area and once you have climbed to the top, you can enjoy a stunning view. The town has numerous good restaurants, cafes and bars as well as comfortable hotels and guest houses on offer.  

A unique experience is the adventurous 48 km drive to Sandwich Harbour, a freshwater lagoon surrounded by dunes, and a favourite amongst anglers and ornithologists.
For this drive, a 4x4 is indispensable. In parts, the course of the road is difficult to identify, and long stretches lead through deep soft sand. The last stretch has to be done by foot. Walvis Bay lies about 30 kilometres south of Swakopmund.

Walvis Bay
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