HermanusSouth Africa

W elcome to one of the world's foremost, land-based whale-watching seaside resorts

​Hermanus owes its success to the beautiful natural scenery, moderate climate, its close proximity to Cape Town and its fisherman’s village charm with modern features and comforts.

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The Location

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The Hotels

  • African Pride Mosselberg on Grotto Beach
  • Arabella Hotel & Spa
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African Pride Mosselberg on Grotto Beach

Where else can you see the Southern Right whales from the luxury of a five-star suite or enjoy a private dining experience? Only at the world-class African Pride Mosselberg On Grotto Beach.

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Arabella Hotel & Spa

This breath-taking retreat captures the essence of luxury, privacy and rejuvenation. Wake up to songs of exotic birdlife and let the fresh sea breeze envelope you while you relax.

The hotel is bookable exclusively for GUESTS in/during international transit and is not accessible to domestic travellers.
6 hour and 12-24 hour rates are bookable online.
For stays more than 6 and less than 12 hours,please contact the hotel directly to book the additional hours.

Please include your check in and check out times in the comments section of your reservation enquiries.

Telephone Number: +27113901160
Email: room@proteahoteltransit.co.za



Beaches South Africa

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Cape Town has a world-class beach for every season and interest. In fact, South Africa was the first country outside of Europe to have blue flag beaches and Cape Town’s range from secluded bays to long, open stretches of sandy beaches fit for surfing, family outings, tanning, swimming and jogging. The shape of the Cape coastline and backdrop of the scenic mountains means that there is always a sheltered beach to enjoy.

Whale Watching South Africa

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The town is famous for southern right whale-watching during the southern winter and spring. The whales can be seen from cliffs in the town centre from July and usually depart early December. Hermanus also hosts an annual whale festival at the end of September to celebrate the returning of the southern right whales to this bay during the calving and mating season.​

OUTDOORS South Africa

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The Fernkloof Nature Reserve has up to 40 km of walks with the mountains as a back drop and boasts a vast amount of coastal fynbos and birdlife. Horse riding is a favourite activity on the coast as well as trying out the well-known Hermanus Golf Course. A must-see when visiting Hermanus is the Old Harbour Complex where residents were mainly occupied in the fishing and marine life.​


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Arabella Hotel & Spa will host the Arabella Challenge for the second year, which will take place in April 2014. The 2013 events were a great success and 2014 looks to be even better. The event starts and finishes at the Arabella Country Estate, situated on the foot of the Palmiet Mountain range. The race will take you through breath-taking scenery including the unspoilt Kogelberg Biosphere.​

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