Eastern CapeSouth Africa

T he Eastern Cape is a land of diverse landscapes which range from the desolate Great Karoo to the lush forests of the Wild Coast and the Keiskamma Valley.

​You'll find dramatic mountains in the Southern Drakensberg and the fertile Langkloof, sandy beaches and the only snow slopes in Africa.

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The Hotels

  • Protea Hotel Marine
  • African Pride Hacklewood Hill Country House
  • African Pride Pumba Private Game Reserve
  • African Pride The Sands
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Protea Hotel Marine

The hotel offers a wide variety of rooms to choose from and has 78 standard bedrooms and 36 superior rooms including self-catering units. From perfect comfort to ultimate luxury, we have the environment you’ve been searching for.

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African Pride Hacklewood Hill Country House

Indulge in a game of croquet or have fun playing board games in the sun or enjoy the outstanding beaches, coastal walks, picnics, horse riding, scuba diving, bay cruises, yachting, historical tours and golf nearby.

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African Pride Pumba Private Game Reserve

The reserve offers luxurious five-star accommodation at one of two intimate and enchanting lodges. Each idyllic chalet is totally private and complete with their own pools framed by timber decks and outdoor showers.

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African Pride The Sands

The African beach-style décor at African Pride The Sands @ St Francis reflects a relaxed atmosphere and the spacious bedrooms offer luxury style, each opening onto a private deck offering breath-taking views of the beach below.

The hotel is bookable exclusively for GUESTS in/during international transit and is not accessible to domestic travellers.
6 hour and 12-24 hour rates are bookable online.
For stays more than 6 and less than 12 hours,please contact the hotel directly to book the additional hours.

Please include your check in and check out times in the comments section of your reservation enquiries.

Telephone Number: +27113901160
Email: room@proteahoteltransit.co.za


Eastern Cape

Eastern Cape South Africa

15° MAX

The Eastern Cape offers you beaches where you can surf the world's biggest waves, widespread hills in a breathtaking panorama of hues, spectacular wildlife and sea life viewing, and warm, small-town hospitality. This is the birthplace of Nelson Mandela and truly, a continent in one province.

The Eastern Cape has a year-round holiday climate, though it does vary considerably throughout the year. There are hot summers and moderate winters along the coast, while the northern regions are much cooler.

As well as being a place of great scenic beauty, the Eastern Cape also offers a host of attractions ranging from spectacular wildlife viewing in the Addo Elephant National Park to the Nelson Mandela Museum in Qunu.

Eastern Cape
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