Cape TownSouth Africa

S outh Africa's Mother City is renowned for sun, sea, shores and Table Mountain

Built on a colourful history of diverse culture, architecture, cuisine and music, Cape Town's rugged wilderness, utopian beaches and rich vineyards make it one epic city.

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The Hotels

  • Protea Hotel Breakwater Lodge
  • Protea Hotel Cape Castle
  • Protea Hotel Durbanville
  • Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! Cape Town
  • Protea Hotel Mowbray
  • Protea Hotel North Wharf
  • Protea Hotel Sea Point
  • Protea Hotel Tyger Valley
  • Protea Hotel Victoria Junction Waterfront
  • African Pride 15 On Orange Hotel
  • African Pride Crystal Towers Hotel & Spa
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Protea Hotel Breakwater Lodge

Experience a rich piece of history balancing modern-day comfort when you stay at this hotel right next to Cape Town’s fabulous V&A Waterfront.

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Protea Hotel Cape Castle

Recently refurbished, each room is a breath of fresh air that makes you feel like you have space to truly enjoy your stay on your terms. The hotel’s interior reminds one that you’re only a few metres from the ocean and our outdoor terrace makes it a pleasure to spend time outside.

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Protea Hotel Durbanville

A work and play hotel, the lay-out makes all facilities easily accessible while still providing privacy and silence when guests want to recharge after a busy day. Protea Hotel Durbanville offers a complete business travel package at very affordable prices.

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Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! Cape Town

Don’t expect a regular ol’ hotel when you book at Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! Cape Town. It’s like going fishing, and hooking an electric eel. Think ultra-chic dining, relaxing spa days, a pool deck tan and pumping nights at the bar!

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Protea Hotel Mowbray

This historical Cape Dutch Manor is centrally located adjacent to the N2 highway and only 15 minutes from Cape Town International Airport. Guests can also enjoy sophisticated conferencing situated within walking distance at The River Club and smaller meetings in the boardroom at the hotel.

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Protea Hotel North Wharf

A brisk ten minute walk from the V&A Waterfront, the hotel has a highly-reputed restaurant, in-room spa service, breath taking rooftop pool and comprehensive conferencing facilities. We also have a gym and secure undercover parking plus two lavish penthouses.

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Protea Hotel Sea Point

Protea Hotel Sea Point - the freshest hotel on the Atlantic seaboard. This seaside hotel offers mountain or sea views from all rooms, and the vast range of amenities ensure a relaxed and productive stay.

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Protea Hotel Tyger Valley

The hotel features new multipurpose conference rooms that can be used as two spaces or as one large combined venue. The restaurant and bar area is warmly decorated with a large fireplace as one of its main highlights while each room has its own secure, convenient parking space.

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Protea Hotel Victoria Junction Waterfront

A place from which to explore the V&A Waterfront and experience Cape Town, this hotel has a trendsetting reputation and a room that suits every taste and inclination.

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African Pride 15 On Orange Hotel

The foyer and front desk incorporate a multifaceted, seemingly infinite series of reflections that change every time you look with crisp white Volakas marble floors and a stone red carpet.

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  • AfricanPrideCrystalTowersHotelSpa_09.jpg
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  • AfricanPrideCrystalTowersHotelSpa_35.jpg
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  • AfricanPrideCrystalTowersHotelSpa_21.jpg
  • AfricanPrideCrystalTowersHotelSpa_25.jpg
  • AfricanPrideCrystalTowersHotelSpa_03.jpg
  • AfricanPrideCrystalTowersHotelSpa_29.jpg
  • AfricanPrideCrystalTowersHotelSpa_15.jpg
  • AfricanPrideCrystalTowersHotelSpa_26.jpg
  • AfricanPrideCrystalTowersHotelSpa_36.jpg
  • AfricanPrideCrystalTowersHotelSpa_13.jpg
  • AfricanPrideCrystalTowersHotelSpa_06.jpg
  • AfricanPrideCrystalTowersHotelSpa_19.jpg
  • AfricanPrideCrystalTowersHotelSpa_10.jpg
  • AfricanPrideCrystalTowersHotelSpa_20.jpg
  • AfricanPrideCrystalTowersHotelSpa_17.jpg
  • AfricanPrideCrystalTowersHotelSpa_14.jpg
  • AfricanPrideCrystalTowersHotelSpa_23.jpg
  • AfricanPrideCrystalTowersHotelSpa_30.jpg
  • AfricanPrideCrystalTowersHotelSpa_07.jpg

African Pride Crystal Towers Hotel & Spa

Located in Century City, overlooking the Grand Canal, this stunning architectural landmark welcomes guests into an expansive and elegant space that unites reception, the Ruby Bar, 24hr deli, lounge area and Towers Restaurant.

The hotel is bookable exclusively for GUESTS in/during international transit and is not accessible to domestic travellers.
6 hour and 12-24 hour rates are bookable online.
For stays more than 6 and less than 12 hours,please contact the hotel directly to book the additional hours.

Please include your check in and check out times in the comments section of your reservation enquiries.

Telephone Number: +27113901160


V&A Waterfront Winelands Beaches TABLE MOUNTAIN

V&A Waterfront South Africa

29° MAX
19° MIN

​Equally as enchanting as Table Mountain, the V&A Waterfront is a must for shopaholics, discerning diners and water babies.

Situated in the heart of Cape Town’s working harbour with the dramatic backdrop of the mountain, the Waterfront has exciting nightspots, a massive aquarium and boat trips and hosts shows in the amphitheatre.

Winelands South Africa

29° MAX
19° MIN

​The Cape is well-known for its variety of Winelands and wine tours that offer perfect opportunities to explore the beautiful culture rich areas of the Western Cape.

Fit for wine connoisseurs and lovers of natural beauty, the famous Stellenbosch, Paarl Valley and Franschhoek wineries will have your senses working overtime while you relax and soak up the Western Cape sun.

Beaches South Africa

29° MAX
19° MIN

​Cape Town has a world-class beach for every season and interest.

In fact, South Africa was the first country outside of Europe to have blue flag beaches and Cape Town’s range from secluded bays to long, open stretches of sandy beaches fit for surfing, family outings, tanning, swimming and jogging.

The shape of the Cape coastline and backdrop of the scenic mountains means that there is always a sheltered beach to enjoy.


29° MAX
19° MIN

The city’s most prominent landmark, the mysterious flat-topped mountain offers a myriad adventures; such as hiking and guided tours, abseiling, taking the cableway and capturing the most breath-taking photographs from the top.

Table Mountain also has a souvenir shop on top and a café where visitors can enjoy a drink and a delicious meal with an incredible view.​    

V&A Waterfront Winelands Beaches TABLE MOUNTAIN
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